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Answer the quiz questions below to see if you have symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Mental health disorders can only be diagnosed by qualified health professionals.

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The most comprehensive ADHD test available online

Our comprehensive ADHD test online allows you to get a fast and accurate ADHD diagnosis from the comfort of your own home.

Our cutting-edge technology uses AI for ADHD diagnosis, providing an affordable solution for online ADHD assessments as valid alternative to in-person appointments.

Our ADHD test implements a widely-acknowledged assessment system that is utilised in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

An approach rooted in robust science

We have integrated state-of-the-art methodology with cutting-edge technology to provide you with a cost and time-efficient solution without any compromises on quality. Whether you're in need of a formal ADHD diagnosis or an online ADHD assessment, our platform is designed with your best interests in mind.

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests

Our ADHD assessment can be completed within a timeframe of 30 to 60 minutes.

The assessment allows for the flexibility to save progress and return to it at a later time, as some questions may require thoughtful consideration.

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Hybrid diagnosis

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence have enabled the use of data analysis to support the clinical diagnosis of ADHD.

Our technology has undergone a thorough review by clinical psychiatrists, and is capable of emulating the cognitive processes of healthcare professionals in the diagnostic process.

Our online ADHD diagnosis is completely free and provides personalised ADHD test report based on 47 distinct data points.

Our ADHD testing platform provides a well tested ADHD diagnosis online, utilising the same methodology as in-person consultations with qualified healthcare professionals.

Remote ADHD report

Remote assessment

By joining forces with mental health professionals across the globe, we prioritise both excellence and affordability.

Our partners possess the necessary qualifications and have been certified by their respective professional organisations, having fulfilled the educational, examination, training, and practical requirements.

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Join thousands of patients who've transformed their lives with an online ADHD diagnosis

Your Privacy Matters to Us

We deeply value the trust you place in us, ADHD test results do not contain your name or address just a unique string ID, ensuring your anonymity.

We firmly commit to not sharing, selling, or distributing your email address to third-party entities for marketing or any other purposes without your explicit consent.

Medical Health Triage

We are excited to introduce our upcoming Mental Health Triage System, a state-of-the-art solution utilising AI to revolutionise the diagnosis and prioritisation process for onboarding patients to clinics.

Our platform aims to streamline patient assessment and ensure timely care for those in need. If you're keen on being at the forefront of medical technology and wish to be an early adopter and beta-tester of our system, please leave us your details.

ADHD blog

Our blog is a space dedicated to understanding, exploring, and navigating the multifaceted world of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We cover a range of topics from diagnostic challenges, treatment options, and coping strategies, to personal stories and the latest research. If you're wondering, "Do I have ADHD? Test online," we also provide resources to help you assess your symptoms, but it's important to remember that an online ADHD test is not a substitute for a professional evaluation.